Transform Your Skincare for Spring.?


What are the most important steps in transitioning your skincare for spring? This is important to know because the weather, humidity and your activities will change dramatically – thank goodness!! Your skin needs you to modify your skincare routine to cope with the changes. Step into bright spring with skin that looks and feels great in warm clothes. Make sure your skin is protected when you go outside in the spring. Here are my dermatologist tips for the best spring skincare transitions. I will highlight them in order of the 4 essential steps of Complete Skin Care™ which are: 1) Cleanse, 2) Correct, 3) Hydrate, 4) Protect.

The dermatologist’s 8 tips to transform your skincare for spring

1.Clean your facial skin in the spring to make it shine.

Use a pH-balanced cleanser followed by a gentle toner to deeply cleanse skin without over-drying. An alcohol-free witch hazel toner refines pores and soothes irritated skin.

Spring Skin Care Pore Minimizing Facial Cleanser for Glowing Skin

My favorite combination is my triple action exfoliating cleanser followed by my naturally hydrating pore minimizing toner. I call this combination my Pore Minimizing Cleansing Kit. and it’s perfect for spring. Gently exfoliate with AHA/BHA and eco-friendly beads while refining the appearance of pores; Reveal radiant, clean skin, ready to absorb your next products to the max. The organic witch hazel and rose hydrosol in my toner soothe any skin inflammation.

2.Increase your skin’s antioxidant reserve.

This is essential to prevent skin damage caused by free radicals that lead to premature aging of the skin. You’ll be outside enjoying spring and your skin will benefit from a fully charged antioxidant reserve. Wear the best antioxidant under your sunscreen. Studies have shown that this important combination reduces UV-induced skin damage as well as redness and inflammation caused by sun-sensitive conditions such as rosacea.

The best and best-studied antioxidants in skincare science are the polyphenols EGCG from green tea and L-ascorbic acid/vitamin C. Choose one and wear it every day.

best antioxidant for spring skin careMy top antioxidants for skin care are EGCG polyphenols from green tea which are well studied and tolerated by all skin types. Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

My Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy contains 80-90% pure, pharmaceutical grade green tea polyphenol isolates equivalent to those found in 500 cups of green tea per ounce of cream. You can’t get a better green tea skin care product.

Vitamin C is the other powerful antioxidant in skin care that protects the skin from free radical damage. High levels are also known to stimulate collagen turnover and help reduce uneven skin pigmentation issues. You can increase the amount of vitamin C in our skin, beyond what is possible through diet or oral vitamin supplements, by adding a professional vitamin C product to our skin care routine.

best vitamin c antioxidant serum

Vitamin C Wrinkle Treatment Serum contains 15% L-ascorbic acid formulated at a pH of 3 and dispensed in an airtight container. That’s what it takes to make sure you’re getting active vitamin C in your skin. Anything less and you’re not getting all of the active vitamin C from your product because it’s unstable and easily oxidizes (becomes inactive) on contact with air. – Dr. Bailey

The way I recommend using a vitamin C serum is to apply it daily for a week to bring the vitamin C content to supraphysiological levels. I think it’s reasonable then to use it as little as every 4 days because the half-life of vitamin C in your skin is 4 days, which means you still have plenty of it.

Be aware that a good vitamin C serum is irritating to sensitive skin, but if your skin tolerates it, the benefits are significant. I recommend alternating it with the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy so your skin benefits from both.

3.Change your moisturizer when you go from winter to spring

Brighten your face moisturizer by day and deeply hydrate your skin at night. It’s a great tip for keeping your skin toasty warm on hot spring days while supporting your skin barrier. Hot days mean sweating and, depending on where you live, exposure to a more humid climate. Your skin will look and feel better throughout the day when you wear a lighter textured moisturizer.

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