Paul Favret Highlights a Few Ways to Use Solar Energy in Daily Life


The exploitation and exhaustion of traditional, non-renewable resources have become a huge problem across the world. Hence, it is better that people explore ways to use renewable resources to meet their energy needs.  Paul Favret  says that while talking about renewable resources, it is imperative to prioritize solar energy. Solar energy has tremendous potential and is beneficial for many applications. The use of solar energy can be more cost-efficient, and easy to set up than most people think.

Solar Energy in Daily Life

Paul Favret underlines multiple ways solar energy can be used in daily life

Solar energy can be quite a great alternative to conventional and grid energy. Solar energy has become quite easily accessible today. While it does involve an initial investment, the use of solar power helps save money in the long run.

Solar energy can be used to address a number of daily energy requirements, including:

Home appliances: Installation of solar panels at homes have become popular in many places. The solar panels generate electricity from an inexhaustible source, which is the sun. The energy generated by these panels can be used to power multiple home appliances. This includes TVs, computers, fans, and even heavy machinery.

Solar heating: Even if a homeowner doesn’t want to make their home wholly dependent on solar power, they can always use it for their heating system.  Solar panels can be used to generate thermal energy. This can be subsequently used for heating water, swimming pools, and more. Solar thermal energy can be used for space heating and air conditioning as well.

Solar cooking: Rather than using conventional resources for cooking, one may switch to solar cookers. They would just need simple items to adopt solar cooking. These items include a pan, cooking bag, box, duct tape, thermometer, aluminum foil, and Styrofoam. Solar cooking setup does away with the need of using fuel such as coal or gas.

Solar charging: Charging devices like laptops and overheads have become a part of the daily overheads today. These devices can only function if they are adequately charged. Today there are solar chargers available that can be used for this purpose. These chargers harness the radiation of the sun to meet the energy requirements of the device.

Solar EV charging:  Paul Favret  points out that electric vehicle (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular today. To further improve the sustainability aspect of these vehicles, solar energy can be used to charge them.

Solar lighting: Solar power lights are quite affordable. They do not need any such complicated setups or electric ports to work. One can purchase a variety of solar lights today. This includes string lights, exterior lights, and landscape lights.

Pocket calculators: A large number of pocket calculators have in-built solar panels for functioning. Their button battery allows the calculators to operate in dimly-lit settings. Solar powered pocket calculators are highly durable and do not require conventional energy sources to run.

Using solar energy to meet daily needs is quite cost effective in the long run. Moreover, it allows people to do their bit for the environment and follow a more sustainable lifestyle.

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