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The hospitality sector has expanded like never before in this fast-growing world. The year 2020 resulted in mini-vacations turning into camps. Vacation rentals and RVs amid fears hotels may not be a safe option to stay. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced some unforgettable lessons in everyone’s life. Given the hurdles of the pandemic, the world is slowly entering the new normal. More than a year has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, and by now, you can well understand the significance of safety protocol and isolation. In the new normal, when you set yourself out on vacation, there are a few significant points to bear in mind, and that relates to the cleanliness of the hotel. So how will you check whether the hotel you are picking is clean or not? You can go to Myrtle Beach for a luxurious resort appeal. It has pristine resorts under reputed names.

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Your hotel may not be a safe option if you come across your tip-offs, which are listed:

Dirty smell 

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A musty smell is an indication that rooms have poor air quality. The pungent smell is an indication that there is some contamination, especially of bacteria. The scent signals that the space remains poorly ventilated. Remember that poor ventilation may harm your lungs and your health in the long run. Aerosol particles in the air remain suspended from a minute to an hour. If you expose yourself to this, you might have breathing problems. If you endure this problem, you must get yourself another room.

Similarly, if you feel too hot or humid inside the room, remember it is not normal. Although you may not be traveling with a humidity meter, it is easy to spot by gazing for condensation collection on doors and windows. If you see any of these problems, experts suggest you must get in touch with the hotel staff as early as possible. Get suitable accommodation with a discount with Capital Timeshare while admiring the attractions and food.

Check the less traffic area 

High-traffic areas, like the bathroom sink and check-in desk, must be cleaned regularly. But there are fewer traffic areas like side staircases and hallway tables, which must remain, equally maintained. Try to make a comparison between less frequently touched and touched areas. Compare the dust clearing in these areas to see the difference. If these are not, it indicates that the housekeeping service needs to be fixed. If you see any of these problems, you must ask for housekeeping services as early as possible.

What about the positive signs? 

A few features will tell you your hotel is cleaner and safer for your stay. These include touchless technology, proper maintenance of common areas, a flexible cancellation policy, etc.

Touchless technology has gained immense popularity in the post-covid-19 age. Look for technologies like motion sensor switches, voice-activated elevators, water fountains, etc. Some hotels provide self-check-in that helps you access the room through your phone application, and there is no need for desk entry.

Redesigning common regions has become a policy of various high-class resorts. Different hotels have adjusted operations in the common area. The high-quality hotel restaurants at Myrtle Beach can offer you a world-class menu and pre-packaged utensils. They also provide a flexible cancellation policy that benefits you and the hotel authority. It better guarantees the proper customer relationship and customer experience. Capital Timeshare points hold to get good discounts.

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