What are the benefits of vitamin C for the skin.?


It is necessary to take care of your skin on a daily basis in order to protect it against various external aggressions. For this, vitamin C serum is a very effective solution. What are the benefits of vitamin C for the skin?

If you want to use a vitamin C serum, it is above all necessary to inform yourself about its composition and its contributions.

The benefits of vitamin C on the epidermis no longer need to be proven. Recommended by dermatologists, it has regenerating and toning properties that promote better collagen production. It thus provides the skin with a real boost of freshness, allowing it to regain its radiance. It is also very effective in perfectly smoothing the skin and making the complexion brighter.

In addition, vitamin C has anti-wrinkle properties. Combined with a facial treatment, this antioxidant leads to a reduction in the production of melanin. As a result, it helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles , dark circles, fine lines and spots.

That’s not all, it also acts as a UV protector. Note, however, that it is not a sunscreen, but an agent capable of combating dark spots.

Why favor the choice of a vitamin C serum?

As you will have understood, vitamin C is a real ally for the skin and a must-have for beauty routines. It works both inside and outside. So, in addition to the benefits obtained through diet, it is necessary to use a serum with vitamin C for a healthy and balanced skin.

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is an ingredient found in various skin care products. These are creams, serums and oils. You are probably wondering which one is the most effective. These are of course serums which are specially manufactured to contain a high concentration of vitamin C and to be much more active.

A serum offers the skin complete protection against polluting agents and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, thus delaying photoaging. It is perfectly indicated to fight effectively against aging and keep skin young for as long as possible.

How to use a vitamin C serum?

It is essential to use the serum with vitamin C properly. To do this, it is above all necessary to cleanse the face properly in order to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients. If you particularly like tonic lotions, you can use some. Then move on to applying the serum.

Since this product has a high concentration of active compounds, a small amount is sufficient for one application. Moreover, it is recommended to use only a few drops for the whole face. Be sure to spread the serum correctly by making light circular movements for optimal penetration.

It is only once the serum has been applied that it will be necessary to move on to the moisturizer. We also recommend the use of an eye contour cream and, to top it off, sunscreen. Regarding the frequency of use of vitamin C serum, it is best to use it twice a day , once in the morning and once in the evening.

Also, vitamin C serum has the advantage of not being sticky. It can therefore be used as a base layer under the beauty products you use in the morning.

Vitamin C serum

What are the imperatives for an effective beauty routine?

To maintain your skin, it is imperative to adopt certain gestures on a daily basis. Here is a face ritual for soft, radiant skin as soon as you wake up.


Cleansing is a fundamental step for any beauty ritual , both in the morning and in the evening. This allows you to get rid of accumulated impurities during the day or at night. This is a must-have, regardless of skin type.

To cleanse your skin, you can use a cream, a gel, an oil or even a balm. Anyway, the most important thing is to opt for a gentle cleansing product so as not to attack the epidermis. If you normally wear makeup, don’t forget to remove your makeup.

Skin hydration

Hydration should essentially be part of your beauty routine. It preserves the softness and elasticity of the skin while making it luminous. That’s not all, it is useful for delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Make sure, however, to choose a moisturizer that matches your skin type. To this you must add a vitamin C serum for full action.

However, avoid confusing the two products. The moisturizer on one side only provides hydration to the skin while the vitamin C serum provides full protection . The combination of these elements is all the skin needs to face the day in the best conditions.

The care needed to take care of the skin

We don’t often think about it, but care is also important to preserve the health of the skin. If you don’t have time on weekdays, consider doing it on the weekend. Exfoliate to remove dead skin and follow with a mask.

We advise you to choose a moisturizing and anti-aging mask, but you can also make a homemade mask with ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen. In any case, make sure it is suitable for your skin.

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