Understanding AccessiBe for Your Business Web Accessibility Needs


Many businesses struggle with web accessibility, especially if they resort to manual techniques that are time-consuming and expensive. Regulations for site accessibility have been present for many years. However, companies have taken their time to comply with them because they still face challenges in keeping their sites fully accessible to users with disabilities.

Accessi Be for Your Business Web Accessibility Needs

Most businesses, tiny to medium-sized ones, do not have the staff nor the money to spend on fixing web accessibility issues immediately. They need to work hard to boost the site’s design, coding, and metadata. However, they often fail to keep up with their content and publishing targets.

Alleviate all your tensions about web accessibility with AccessiBe

AccessiBe helps you to alleviate stress and tension when it comes to web accessibility for your business site. It helps you in remediation instantly as it is equipped with artificial intelligence that works smartly to fix problems proactively. It is an automated and cost-effective tool for both small and large companies to incorporate for their web accessibility needs.

How is this tool better than manual techniques for web accessibility?

It is better than manual techniques that take many weeks and often cost money. However, this is not the only problem; there is a more significant challenge business owner must face when they embrace manual techniques for their site. Once the issues in web accessibility have been resolved, it gets messed up again because of CMS, browser, and website updates. So, businesses have to rectify the above issues with a new project just a few months later.

How does artificial intelligence help you resolve web accessibility issues?

AI is beneficial in more than one way that businesses did not expect, and accessibility is one of them. Accessi Be combines two apps to give your site compliance, and they are:

  • An interface for accessibility for design and UI-related adjustments
  • A background supported by AI for processing and handling complex needs of users with disabilities like keyboard navigation and screen-readers.

Installing this accessibility overlay simplifies the whole process as – 

  • It helps you paste one line of JavaScript code on the site
  • You get the interface for accessibility instantly on your site.
  • The artificial intelligence technology of the tool begins to scan and analyze the site
  • In under 48 hours, your site is compliant and accessible to EAA/EN 301549, Section 508, ADA Title III, and WCAG 2.1.
  • The tool will scan your site every 24 hours for revised or new content to fix issues.

Businesses can’t shell out vast sums of money many times a year to fix web accessibility issues. Most companies cannot afford these costs, so by embracing AccessiBethey can affordably alleviate tensions.

Businesses can no longer worry about compliance and litigation suits as this tool helps them stay fully compliant 24/7 and enhances the user experience of all visitors who browse your business site, irrespective of ability. This tool is a great asset for your business. You should try it today.

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