Tips To Make Your Horse Warm During Cold Seasons


Horse caretakers often worry about keeping their equine companions warm and safe during the onset of winter. However, they need not to worry as horses can adapt to changing weather naturally to keep themselves warm during cold months. Despite that, horse caretakers have to do several things to ensure their horses can tolerate those brisk days and chilly nights. Here are six tips to guarantee a healthy and safe winter season.

Keeping Him Dry

A horse feels better when he’s dry; thats why you have to pay attention to sleet and rain. Staying warm can sometimes be difficult, especially if the hair’s natural insulation of the horse gets wet. This is why providing a waterproof horse blanket and shelter is vital to reduce heat loss. Keeping the horse’s hooves dry is also essential, as excess moisture can cause bacterial infection.

Do Grooming Carefully

Grooming a horse that stays outdoors in the winter is better than bathing him. The oils in the horse coat help him prevent water from reaching the skin, which keeps him warm when outside. Quality grooming times give you enough time to check his body condition and to care for his feet. When a horse’s body temperature lowers, and he starts to shiver, energy will be expended as calories burn, which can cause weight loss.

Grooming helps you touch your horse, ensuring he is not too thin. When considering making your horse warm during warm seasons, don’t forget the importance of selecting the right horse turnout blanket for optimal comfort.


Each Individual circumstance will determine your decision to blanket. You must consider wet weather, winder riding schedule, turnout facilities, age, and body condition. If you decide to use a blanket, ensure it has a thick and waterproof insulation layer. You will also be tasked with putting on and taking off a blanket throughout the season to correspond with temperature changes. An average healthy horse grows a thick coat to create a barrier against cold if the hair is not trimmed. The horse hair traps air, creating an insulating layer. This can be enough for your equine friend, so no blanket is required. Avoid using a sheet without insulation, as it will flatten the hair, making the horse feel cold. Ensure you also choose a snug, insulating pony blanket to ensure your equine friend stays cozy.


Your horse’s physical and mental health will improve if you exercise regularly throughout the year. You will keep him fit and strong and stay informed about his soundness and physical state. Create space for your horse to move. You might think it’s a good idea to keep your horse indoors in a stall, but that will limit his natural movements. Regular turnout and exercise produce heat from the energy your horse’s muscles burn to guarantee he stays warm. Horses are born to walk every day for many miles and miles. A healthy horse will find it much easier to survive comfortably in any season. Keep in mind that movement generates warmth. Incorporating a weatherbeeta elite saddle pad into your horse care routine is essential for providing warmth and freedom of movement during cold seasons.

Bottom Line

Ensuring your horse stays warm during cold seasons is essential for responsible horse care. For many years, horses have lived outdoors successfully. They can adapt to the environment, and we must not interfere too much. Remember, a happy and comfortable horse is more likely to thrive. Embrace the above tips to keep your horse comfortable and contented during cold seasons.

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