The Top 16 Basketball Presents for Boys in 2022


Giving gifts is one of the surest ways to make someone’s day. But it can be a challenge to find something that will impress the recipient. If you have a basketball-loving boy on your hands, taking the time to see an incredible gift can be well worth it.

Basketball Presents

With this sport in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite basketball player gifts for boys, so you can find something he’ll love and appreciate.

Basketball Shoes

Kicking off our list of the best basketball presents for boys is a pair of shoes. This can be any shoe, as long as it’s made specifically for use on the court.

Basketball shoes have a high-top design that provides ankle support while keeping your feet planted on the ground during play. They also feature grippy soles that allow players to move quickly and easily without slipping or losing control over their movements.

Mini Basketball Hoops

If your boy has been begging for a basketball hoop, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an outdoor model, try getting him one of these mini hoops instead.

They’re much smaller than traditional ones, so they take up less space in your yard or playroom. But they still provide hours of fun for kids who love playing basketball with friends or siblings.

Basketball Backpack

If your boy loves playing basketball but has trouble bringing his gear to the park or school, he’ll appreciate this backpack. It’s specially designed to carry all of his equipment.

This includes everything from a ball and shoes to water bottles and snacks so that he can stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.

Tickets to a Game

If your son loves basketball, he’ll love getting tickets to a game. You can get these from any team in your area, including college or professional teams.

If you live near an NBA arena, like the Staples Center in Los Angeles or Madison Square Garden in New York City, you might be able to snag some free tickets from their website (make sure they don’t go on sale first).

Basketball Coaching Clipboard

A coaching clipboard is an essential tool for any basketball player. It’s a clipboard with a dry-erase board on one side and a ball-shaped hole where you can insert your pen.

This makes drawing plays easy or writing down points of emphasis during practice or games. You can find these at most sporting goods stores or online retailers like Amazon.

Customized Ball

A customized basketball is a great gift idea for any player. It’s a ball with the player’s name, number, and perhaps their favorite quote or saying written in white.

These balls are usually more expensive than regular basketballs because they have to be custom-made just for you (which means there are fewer options).

Personalized Basketball Blanket

Your son’s sleeping space should be comfortable and cozy. A personalized basketball blanket is an excellent gift for any young player, especially if they’re starting to get into their bedtime routine and need something to snuggle up with before lights out.

You can get blankets with your son’s name, number, or even a picture of him playing basketball printed on them in bright colors like reds, blues, and yellows.

Custom Basketball Player Photo Canvas

If you have a specific idea of what kind of gift you want to get your son, you should consider getting him a custom basketball player photo canvas. This is the perfect option for any young player who loves the game and wants something that will remind them of their favorite players daily.

You can choose from an array of sizes, frames, and styles to ensure your son gets precisely what he needs from this unique gift!

Engraved Basketball Necklace

An engraved basketball necklace is the perfect option if you want something a little more sentimental. You can get your son’s name or initials engraved on a small pendant to create this piece of jewelry that will last for years.

If you want your son to feel like he has his lucky charm wherever he goes, this is the perfect gift!

Personalized Basketball Socks

If your son is looking for something more comfortable to wear, then personalized basketball socks are the perfect option. You can get your son’s name or initials printed onto these warm, cozy socks to make them feel like they’re part of an elite team.

These socks will keep your son’s feet warm while playing basketball in the cold weather and provide extra motivation when he gets ready for his next game!

LED Basketball Hoop Light

If your son wants something to help him practice his skills during the cold winter, this LED basketball hoop light is the perfect gift.

They can use this portable basketball hoop light in various places, including gymnasiums and even outdoors! It comes with an adjustable height from 6 feet to 8 feet so that your son can always find just the right setting for him.

Basketball Quotes Prints

Sometimes, a basketball player can feel down, and you need to give them a little inspiration. That’s why we recommend these basketball quotes prints as a great basketball ­gift idea for your son’s bedroom! They come in several options, including posters and canvas prints.

You can choose from inspirational sayings like “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough to achieve your dreams” or “If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you.”

Basketball 3D Night Light

A good basketball player should practice whenever they get the chance, even when it’s dark outside. This 3D night light is a great gift idea for your son’s bedroom or study area.

It features a basketball and hoop on top of a black base with LED lights inside that will glow as if it were lit up by the sun.

Basketball Keychains

A keychain is an excellent gift for your son to show that you support his love for basketball. Give him a keychain with his favorite team’s logo or one with a player he admires.

You can also find some cool ones with inspirational quotes like “I believe in hard work and dedication” or “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough to achieve your dreams.”

Inspirational Quote Basketball Bracelets

We’ve already mentioned that basketball quotes have a powerful impact, so why not get your son a bracelet with one of them? These bracelets come in many different styles and materials, so you can find something that fits his style.

You could also get him one with the name of his favorite team or a quote from their coach.

Basketball Tumbler Cup

If your son is a basketball fan, he will love getting this tumbler cup. You can find them in many different designs and styles, but they are all sturdy materials that won’t break or crack easily.

They’re also dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if he accidentally drops them or uses them for hot beverages.


Finding the best basketball player gifts can be tricky, but these are some of your best options. There are many things to consider when buying a gift for your son, such as his age and interests. You should also think about the person he is and what kind of personality he has before you choose anything from this list.

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