Mohit Kamboj changed his surname from Kamboj to Bharatiya


The founder of the conglomerate company KBJ Group, Mohit Kamboj, has changed his name from Mohit Kamboj to Mohit Bharatiya. He has a purpose for doing this. In a country where well-known individuals frequently change their name or last name in an effort to gain notoriety and prosperity while being influenced by astrology and numerology. When he changed his name from Mohit Kamboj to Mohit Bharatiya, Mohit Kamboj bucked the trend. The word “Bharatiya” means “Indian” in English, and he uses it to encourage his countrymen by promoting the idea that our surname should promote harmony rather than division.

Kamboj to Bharatiya

No of their caste, race, or colour, Mohit Kamboj supports giving everyone in the nation an equal chance to succeed. Philanthropist Mohit Bharatiya holds the view that “India is one, and we Indians should rise above caste and religion.” Our surnames depict the division of Indians based on caste and religion. Inequality in employment prospects, educational chances, sports, and other areas is exacerbated by this. We are all human beings, regardless of caste, whether Kamboj or any other. Our abilities, personalities, attitudes, and skills are the only things that set us apart from one another. No matter what caste someone may be from, we must cultivate a mindset that supports their success.Surnames need to be abolished in order for all of us to be evaluated equally when seeking for jobs, education, or other private or public opportunities.

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He is the movement’s leader and seeks to provide everyone a level playing field. Although there had previously been a number of ongoing revolutions centred on the abolition of the caste system, Mohit Bharatiya continues, “There is a need for more than just protests and debates.”

Imagine a nation where every person belongs to the same caste and has the same last name. The entire caste structure will be destroyed as a result of this alone. To effect real change, corrective action must be performed. One important step in that direction is to change your last name to something that represents your country rather than any particular neighbourhood.

Mohit, who hails from a prominent and well-known family, changed his last name to Bharatiya, creating opportunities for everyone. He continues, “While we cannot force anyone to alter their last name, we can always act in the nation’s best interests and leave it up to individuals to choose whether they want to follow in our footsteps or not. This, in my opinion, is the easiest and most efficient approach to bring about a significant change in the country’s system, growth, and prosperity “.

We are Bhartiya First before everyone else is the philosophy that Mohit Bharatiya lives by.”

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