Easy skincare routine to shine this spring.?


The harsh winter weather has dried out your skin and it badly needs an extra dose of self-care to kick off spring in style ? With the arrival of good weather that is slowly being felt, it’s the perfect time to review your beauty care routine in order to have radiant healthy skin!

Do you just want to revisit yours so that your face can receive optimal care and obtain a healthy glow effect by spring? Here ‘s how to take care of your skin for spring in 10 easy steps .

1.Makeup removal

Any good beauty routine starts with makeup-free skin. This step is to remove all makeup residue from the day in one easy step. The idea is to remove as many products as possible (like mascara, lipstick and foundation) before cleansing.

This way, you’ll increase the effectiveness of your cleanser and your skin can benefit from all the good ingredients in your skincare products.


This step is often confused with make-up removal, but this step consists of deeply cleaning your skin in order to release all the dirt and impurities present on your face. Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing your face should be done 1-2 times a day.


Then use a toner to remove all small residues and thus leave a very refreshing effect on your skin. Indeed, tonics are recognized for their astringent effects, which purify the skin by eliminating excess sebum and tightening pores.

We like to use them after the make-up removal and cleansing steps to “seal” the skin with cleanliness.


Once your skin is completely clean, apply your favorite serum to deeply nourish it. If you don’t already have the habit of using one on a regular basis, it really is a must to include in your beauty routine. The serum comes to nourish and hydrate the skin for a long period of time.Psst!  : You can even use your serum just before applying your make-up in order to obtain a nice luminous complexion.Shot of a beautiful young woman holding up a face cream product


Applying a good moisturizer is like a big glass of water for your skin. Indeed, the moisturizer has a thirst-quenching effect and protects against dry skin. During the cold season, pay special attention to your forehead and cheeks, which tend to be targets of cold and dryness.

There are a variety of types of moisturizers on the market, just make sure to choose a product that is compatible with your skin type!Reflection of smiling woman in bathroom mirror wearing towel on hair after shower, applying clay facial mask

6.Face Mask

Face masks provide deep skin hydration and leave your skin feeling smooth with their rich agents and extended application time. The ingredients therefore have time to fully penetrate the skin so that it benefits from all the good moisturizing agents.There are a host of types of masks on the market, so you can vary and alternate them according to your needs.

7.Lip hydration

A crucial step not to be overlooked during your beauty routine (especially during the cold season): moisturizing the lips. Apply your favorite lip balm before bed to wake up to hydrated, plump lips.

You can also apply a lip mask that will deeply moisturize your mouth while you sleep.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman applying moisturizer to her hands

8.Hand hydration

Our hands are among the parts of the body that are most exposed to bad weather and dryness. Take care of them by applying a rich moisturizer to deeply hydrate them.

Pay particular attention to the joints which can go so far as to crack with the cold and continuous exposure to water/hand washing.

9.Hair Mask

A hair mask will be your best ally to keep hair hydrated and thus avoid dry and brittle ends.

The key here is to let your mask work long enough to get the most benefit from it. Apply it when you get out of your shower and let it act for at least twenty minutes to rinse it off. You will instantly see the difference and your hair will be shiny and healthy!

10..Body milk

The last but not the least step in your spring care routine: use a body lotion daily to fully hydrate your skin. Pay attention to joints such as elbows, knees and feet, which tend to dry out quickly.

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